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Taking notes during each session

Posted on 11 August 2022 04:04 pm

Whether you take notes during your coaching session or after, hee is where you do that. Maybe you like to prepare for each session in advance because of recent homework updates from your client or something has come up and you want to make sure you cover it. All this is possible.

Below the session description is a placeholder for all your session notes. you can put everything in just one note, or break up topics into several notes.

These are your notes. Future feature: In future you'll have the option to expose a note to your client, so when they login to their system,, they will see the notes you took which you want them to see. All other notes are private and only visible to you the coach.

Don't forget - on the right you can also add attachments, which again will be optionally able to be exposed to your clients.