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2. Step two - Build templates

Posted on 11 August 2022 01:37 pm

The reason you should have clients added first is because you would be unable to start any coaching program without clients.

So, what is a "Coaching Program"? It is the coaching engagement you have agreed to do with your client.

And since, many of your coaching engagement could be the same, the application of Templates becomes extremelly useful. Each time you begin a new engagement with a client, rather than creating each program from scratch, you can grab a template and then customize it to suit the clients' specific requirements.

For example:

Let's say you often engage clients in a 12 week coaching engagement - we call this a Program.

    • This program always starts off with an Onboarding session, and we always set the last session aside as an Exit session.
    • All the sessions in between have a standard format which you follow.
      • But occasionally you need access some useful tools - Slides, PDFs, Docs, etc.

Templates allow you to prepare all that so that you build it once and use it as many times as needed.

What else can i do with templates?

  • If after using a particular template for a while you decide it needs improving. Just edit the template and save it. Every client who is assigned to this before that time is not affected. Only newly assigned clients are affected.
  • Maybe you decide that you want to keep that one (the 12 week example), and make a new one that is similar with some changes (18 weeks instead of 12 weeks). Just open the current template and take a copy. You can then rename the copy and modify it as needed.