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3. Step three: Assign program to a client

Posted on 11 August 2022 01:53 pm

If you have your clients ready to go, and the coaching program templates prepared, then what you need to do next is to Assign a template to a client, thereby making that an Active program.

To assign a Program to a Client:

  1. Select Templates from the menu.
  2. Chose the template you want to activate from the list of templates.
  3. Locate the client from the list of clients to the right.
    • Use the search filter to quickly locate them by name.
  4. Click the  sign next to the client's name and the program will be copied to that client.
    • A copy of the template is created and added to that client.
    • It is now Active for that client.
    • If you make a mistake, you can unassign them.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have made changes to this program copy in the clients' account it cannot be unassigned. It is both Active and In Progress.
      • To unassign a program from a client you need to delete all the content changes made and return it to it's original status or delete all the sessions and notes from that program.