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Adding attachment to programs and templates

Posted on 11 August 2022 03:19 pm

Attachments are often the go to resource that you want ready at your fingertips so that you can access them the instant you need them.

These could be documents, PDFs, or images you use throughout your coaching.

What is the difference between a Program attachment vs a Session one?

Examples of program templates vs session templates:

    • Maybe you like to have a standard agreement document as part of a specific template. This might be setup as a program template or it could be specific to your very first session with anew client. So having it attached to the session may make more sense.
    • You might have a number of slides saved as images which describe the importance of Behavior Intelligence. And you want to be able access these at any time during your coaching program. If you put them as attachments in a specific session, then you have to jump around - exist current session notes and go to look for it. Whereas if it attached to the program level, you always have access to these quickly.